Sunday, December 11, 2005


As there are those who have suffered under years of unjust oppression, there is the moment of liberation that comes when such oppression is overthrown. Power has a tendency to corrupt the mind and requires a level of self-control to weild. As it has been used by governments and people to accoplish their designated functions, mistakes have been made. At present, we are the victims of these mistakes, many of us ignorantly so.
In order to curb these tendencies, our government has been structured to distribute power to provide a ballance that would result in order and justice. Part of this power has been given to the American people to affect their government to move in what they feel is the right direction. Given the errors present in our society from the enforcement of mistakes made by those in power, it becomes our responsibility as those who weild power, to correct these infractions.
When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. - Nelson Mandela
With great power, comes great responsibility- Uncle Ben, Spiderman
As citizens with the power to change this nation it becomes our responsibility to do so. In order to do this we need to be able to recognize for ourselves the shortcomings of society. So then what defines an error of government? It was said that the government takes its power from the consent of the governed and that all governments exist to serve the people governed. It would then seem that anything done by the government to harm the populace is an infraction.
Now there are those in society who must be dealt with to preserve the quality of life for others in society. Among this number are rapists, murderers, thieves - because these people affect the lives of other people in their society in a negative way. But there are those who are of no risk to society, but are nonetheless the victims of a system that has been incorrectly applied to them. Seeing as it is the governments responsibility to preserve the quality of life of its citizens, and these people are not hostile citizens of the nation so governed, it is safe to say that these people are suffering unjustly under a government who has missallocated its responsibility.
This is where we must effect change. We must move to protect those who cannot protect themselves. As individuals, these people cannot defend themselves against an overwhelmingly more powerful government, but we can - for the power of the people can only be weilded by the masses and not by the individual. And so en mass we can right the wrongs society has impressed upon these innocents. This is our responsibility and this must be done and halted before the mindset spreads to other minorities, who having fallen out of favour, are made to suffer needlessly at the hands of an unjust government whose citizens have let such suffering go unchecked due to their own apathy.


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