Thursday, December 08, 2005


The purpose of this blog will be to address topics of debate in our society. These will be thoughts that I give on these topics to aid in people's decisions and hopefully add for them a level of clarity and understanding that they wouldn't have found of their own abilities.

We are born into the world to find our purpose. There is no manual, no starter kit for life, we shuffle through aimlessly, seeking some proper use for the resources we've been given. Even those who take up a cause will question it at some time, all of us being uncertain of the paith we tread.
I will take this up as my cause. We all change the world, whether we want to or not. Our presence is enough to upset. But with my time and my efforts I will conciously change things, a tool in a sea of chaos, only one more element to shift the ballance.
Many things I speak of will be dissagreed with, and many will be agreed upon. I will create conflict and strife in people's lives, driving them from the comfort of their minds and introducing to them unpleasant thoughts for their consideration. No change, no progress, nothing worth achieving, is achieved without conflict, and it is through these layers of conflict, that the fruit of my labors shall bear.
This is only a small blog, but if only a few come to read the thoughts and the beliefs published here, my change will have been effected. The mind is a powerful thing, and words are its outlet to the world. People are too powerful, the human voice too radical and too easily inspires change, for one to desire peace in one's life. But there are no more battlefields in this age of nations and diplomacy. My war will be a moral one, and in this battlefield of thought people will be drawn to sides and decisions will be made.
We must all decide our minds and our actions in this world. Each is given only his own, but to influence the minds and actions of others is my purpose.


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