Saturday, December 10, 2005


It seems the single motivation for the creation of nations and for the reshaping of societies. We always believe that life can be better, and devote our lives to making it so. Some of us succeed with our various inventions and social reforms.
I suppose that's why I am changing my life to devote my time to an ideal. An ideal that I think once realized will free many from the suffering endured due to the prejudices of those who hold power over them.
Legislation has extended in our country beyond its simple foundings of keeping the peace, to the more restrictive fashion of regulating life. The US Constitution pales in comparison to the length and complexity of modern ones, only being about 20 pages in length compared to that of New York State, which covers more than 2,000 pages. Legislation has completely taken over, and not all of it is the government's fault. They are plagued by a people who can no longer make their own decisions. They beg for laws to decide their lives. How can the limited personel employed handle the infinite amount of complaints of their citizens? Government has become the server whose abilities have been choked by overload of spam. Freedom is not being ripped from our grasp violently or by force. It is being willfully given, one law at a time, to a government who finds itself increasingly responsible for the lives of its citizens. Right now government is overwhelmed by the demands placed upon it by its people, and we do not even recognize what we have lost, and what we are currently losing. How many of your states laws are you familiar with? Who takes time to even read them? Their numbers are absurd, and even if one took the time to read these laws, by the time you finished, even more would have been enacted, effectively negating your efforts.
We are a people controlled by a government we know nothing about.
In 2003, more people downloaded music illegally (more laws to whose creation you were not privy) than voted. The majority of American's don't vote, aren't even concerned with politics. How long will this negligence by the American people continue before it crumbles down around us?
Great nations are destroyed from within, not from without.
The collateral damage caused by this infinite web of laws that we have spun is incalculable. We have specialized so much that it appears that we are trying to regulate the very world itself, and as a consequence we have failed utterly and it is shown in those who have been unjustly punished. The ballance needs to be found that improves the quality of life, without straying to the extremes of oppression or chaos. We have tried to create a life without tragedies, where no one dies, and safety is paramount. The focus on prevention has led us to forget that some things in life cannot be prevented. We trust in laws, and sacrifice valuable liberties in the interest of safety.
In sacrificing our liberties to prevent suffering, we have created it.
Our dependence upon laws must be changed, either peaceably by ourselves, or forceably by the self destruction of our nation. The goal is lofty and too great to be taken on at once. But by doing a little part, changing only the parts we see most pressing, can we begin to affect the whole of the nation.
With each new generation laws are changed and introduced. They have accumulated beyond our control. We do not know these laws, yet we are judged and penalized by them. Serious questioning needs to be undertaken, What laws are still relevant to our modern society? and What laws should no longer be in place?
Tragedy and death will always exist, no law can change that.
But we can improve the quality of life, and that is why our nation exists. The ballance must again be found and our country must be saved from the overwhelming burden of its innumerable legislation, lest it topple under the weight.


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